Mitsubishi's LaserVue HDTV makes triumphant 75-inch return, becomes 3D-ready

Ah, the LaserVue. Launched way back in the heyday that was 2008, Mitsubishi's 65-inch monster didn't exactly fly off shelves being priced at seven large, but we still maintain that it's the best looking consumer-level set we've ever laid eyes on. 'Course, the fat-backed design didn't exactly do it any favors in a world dominated by flatscreens, but we've always been willing to bend a little on the design for beautiful execution in the image quality department. To that end, we're downright elated to hear that the forgotten line has been revived for 2010, with an all new 75-inch model (L75-A91) being introduced for those who just can't find a television big enough to fill their 8,000 square foot den. The behemoth measures in at 41.7- x 66.4- x 15-inches (so yeah, it's still got some junk in the trunk), and as you'd expect, it's fully 3D ready. Mistu's 3D Starter Pack is being sold alongside of it, containing a 3D emitter, 3D Adapter with remote, an HDMI cable and a Blu-ray Disc with a collection of clips to really show off your new purchase. Other specs include web connectivity (StreamTV can hit up VUDU, Pandora, Flickr, Picasa and more), four HDMI-CEC inputs, a wired IR output, 1080p native resolution and a price tag of "only" $5,999, not including the $399 3D Starter Pack and $99 3D Adapter. Oh, and be sure to call a buddy or four when it arrives -- you know, considering that you can't lift a 154 pound television on your own. %Gallery-96114%