Tonino Lamborghini's CULV laptop shows that even sons of great men enjoy licensing deals

Sure, you're familiar with Lamborghini: the famed Diablo, the monumental Murcielago, and of course the never-ending line of ASUS products. But, are you familiar with Tonino Lamborghini? He's the son of the legendary Ferruccio, and has gone on to make something of a name for himself with a line of clothing and, apparently, hideously ugly footwear. Now he's getting in on the gadget thing too, licensing his own name to be applique'd onto the back of this otherwise pedestrian 13.4-inch CULV laptop with up to 500GB of storage, a four cell battery, and Windows 7. In other words, it's even less exciting than the entries found in the ASUS lineup -- but still rather more attractive than those shoes.