Twitter for iPhone now ready for iOS 4 multitasking

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|06.23.10

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Twitter for iPhone now ready for iOS 4 multitasking
The official Twitter app is keeping up with the times by rolling out iOS 4 support in its latest build. With the program now able to run in the background, you'll finally be able to send tweets while switching in and out of other applications. It also means you won't have to relaunch the app every time you want to check up on the latest happenings, it'll just keep your place like a good and loyal piece of software. Retina Display-friendly graphics are also part of the new package, along with "more secure" tweeting, if you ever felt insecure about the integrity of you shorthand missives. All it's missing now are the millions of "sent from my iPhone 4" messages, a gap we're sure you'll be filling pronto.
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