Primo Battery Cube brings extra life to mini or micro-USB devices, is not actually a cube

If you, like we, were disappointed by mophie's unwillingness to support anything lacking an Apple dock port in its new line of juice packs, here's an alternative. PhoneSuit is launching the Primo Battery Cube, a decidedly non-cube-shaped device that is perhaps a bit chubby but manages compatibility with either micro or miniUSB devices. The $40 battery, which launches on July 12, charges over USB, packs a 1,000mAh cell inside, and sports four LED lights on top to give you an idea of just how many of those milliampere-hours have yet to be served. Oh, and it's shape, because of its unequal sides it's actually a cuboid, not a cube. But of course you knew that, you geometry whiz you.