iPhone lines crop up at AT&T stores as humanity slips ever further toward its inevitable destruction

We get it, the iPhone 4 is pretty cool, and of course the opportunity to obtain it on the very first day has a bit of an allure. But lining up for a camp-out in front of your strip mall-ensconced AT&T store five days later for the first day of walk-in sales is... well, we don't want to judge. At least you documented the soul sucking process with these blurry photos of your lines, some of which stretched as far as 100 people. Don't worry, the iPhone 4 will manage to snap much better shots of this process as it inevitably repeats itself next year, to the clear detriment of mankind. Oh, and if you onlookers were thinking of joining in on the fray, you might want to hold off: the word on the street is that most AT&T stores have run out of this fresh stock already. %Gallery-96552%

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in]