Palm Foleo lands on eBay, can be yours for a relative song (update: sold!)

It's probably not the first Foleo to ever splash down on eBay, but this one might just be the most comprehensive of them all. Palm's companion laptop-that-never-was will almost definitely remain a tech mystery for eons to come, but today, the chance is yours to own the flop of the last decade for just $750. Better still, that Buy It Now price includes a smorgasbord of applications, so you won't have to go hunting in order to find programs that actually take advantage of the thing. The only downside is the lack of a VGA dongle and the original packaging, but there's only so much griping you can do about a Foleo that costs less than an Adamo.

Update: And she's gone! But strangely, it looks as if the entire auction has been removed. We're guessing someone paid this fellow a couple million to end it early and take an under the table lump sum, Just a guess, though.