Prompt-It iPhone teleprompter perfect for business meetings, Internet cranks

What did JFK, Obama, and Martin Luther King Jr. all have in common? If you believe the makers of You Prompt-It!, it's the ability to use a teleprompter. And now you can join the pantheon of important Americans who inspire us regular schlubs to greatness. What does your $130 get you? Tripod, base, beamsplitter glass display, and a carrying case. Fits your iPhone or iPhone-esque device, and will sit comfortably on your laptop. To get that scrolling text effect, the manufacturer suggests that you check out the PROPROMPTER app from the App Store. What are you waiting for? We're quite frankly getting sick of all the hemming and hawing on your YouTube rants. Maybe now you can start winning people over with your "Larry King is an alien from the future" message -- it's worth a shot at least. A video, of sorts, after the break