Remote Auxiliary Power System recharges our special forces straight from overhead power lines (video)

If you're the type who gets a little nervous connecting jumper cables to your Accord after you forgot and left the trunk open overnight (again), this is one military gadget you will probably not be coveting. It's called RAPS: the Remote Auxiliary Power System. US Air Force Spec Ops personnel requested "something like Batman" that would enable them to add some juice to their night vision goggles, GPS units, and Hello Kitty media players while in the field, and this is the result. When thrown over a power line it makes contact with the bare ground and then cuts through the insulation into the live wire within, pulling the power down to an AC/DC transformer built into the spool. This device has proven safe for use in the rain and even underwater, but we're thinking we'd rather sing "Kumbayah" to ourselves than recharge our iPods in this manner. Video demonstration after the break, which also explains where the power actually comes from!