Screen Grabs: Pretty Little Liars is TV's newest home to egregious product placement (video)

Scene: Impossibly mature high school "girls" mingling in front of a locker. Action!

Bitter Barbie: "What are you doing? Is that a new phone?"
Bland Barbie: "Yeah, I'm checking my Kin. I'll just write on Hannah's wall from here."

End scene.

Yes, ABC's new Pretty Little Liars show is the future of American television, where entertainment morphs into infotainment and bakes the minds of an entire generation into a lovely pie of corporate servitude. We blame TiVo. Oh, and just because Palm quit making creepy commercials doesn't mean that they've given up on promoting its Pre to women. Looks like Roger McNamee was right about that backside mirror's appeal. See what we mean in the PLL episode 3 embeds posted after the break.

[Thanks, Dave]