Holga.D concept is the modernized toy camera of your joyful youth

If your childhood memories contain moments of playing with a cheap point-and-shoot camera that produced odd vignetting, chances are you had a Holga camera -- even if you didn't know it. Designer Saikat Biswas has brightened up our Friday with this concept, a modernized Holga.D digital camera. It's got all the bells and whistles of its muse, and by that we mean it's missing all those bells and whistles of traditional cameras that give the Holga a sense of fun. Expect a previous-gen full frame or 1.5x crop sensor, an aspect ratio changer (3:2 or square -- for romantics, of course), ISO selector, and a snappy E-Ink display.

Viewfinder? Flash? All fluff -- but there's an accessory port if you need such superfluous nonsense. Actually, if you want a viewfinder, you can slot in the suggested piece of clear, crosshair-laden plastic... this isn't about accuracy, this is about pleasant surprises! As a bonus for lefties, the top panel can be rotated around to put the shutter button in a more southpaw-friendly position. Requires two AA batteries and a whole lot of imagination. Plenty of awesome, phantasmgorical renders via the source link.