Unofficial Lemmings for iPhone gets C&D

Developer Aaron Ardiri pulled off the crazy feat last week of porting the classic Lemmings game from Palm OS not only to the iPhone, but also to Windows and the Mac ... in just 36 hours. That's 36 hours straight -- he liveblogged the whole process, and did actually pull it off, sending the iPhone app, which you can see above, into the App Store for approval.

There's just one hitch -- Ardiri doesn't actually own the Lemmings property. Sony does, and as soon as the company heard about his port, it dropped a cease and desist letter on him, commanding him to remove all ports he's hosted and not to port any other Sony games. So there's no way, as of now, that we'll see this app in the App Store.

Of course, if Sony knows what's good for them, the company could pay Ardiri to release the port for them, and we could all play the old version of Lemmings on the iPhone (and pay for the privilege). Ardiri says he'll "open communication" for such a deal, so we'll have to wait and see.