Motorola Charm spotted in T-Mobile ad, free on contract for back-to-schoolers?

Advertising a product before it's even official, what could be more patriotic? TmoNews has a convincing (but still unconfirmed) picture of a T-Mobile "Back to School" poster featuring Samsung :), Gravity T, Gravity 3, and... Motorola Charm? Looks like our chubby, Motoblur-equipped candybar has been given an air of legitimacy, even more than the previous leak. What's also interesting is the price -- as part of the promotion, Charm is apparently free on contract (seems to be T-Mo's special of choice, these days). Can't say with any certainty what that means for the cost of the phone after this season's school craze dies down -- the Gravity 3, for example, is usually $80 with a two-year agreement -- but it can't be much longer now before we get the skinny on this square. Hit up the source for full picture.