Samsung Intercept ambushed in the wild, features higher res screen (video)

When we first got word of a Samsung Moment successor, we were concerned it would be too little, too late... but this week a man headed off Sammy's new Intercept at a Best Buy (for $100, reportedly), and there's slightly more to this device than it originally seemed. While the form factor and features are familiar enough -- a QWERTY slider with a 3.2 megapixel camera and 3.2-inch screen -- that display apparently sports a 800 x 480 resolution now, the keyboard seems much improved, ports and buttons have been thoroughly revamped, and the whole unit's been given a lovely sheen. No word on internal specs quite yet -- and no Froyo, either -- but you can judge how responsive it is for yourself in a video after the break.

[Thanks, Brad B.]