Slurp digital eyedropper sucks up, injects information wirelessly (video)

How does Jamie Zigelbaum, a former student at MIT Media Lab, celebrate freedom from tyranny, drool-worthy accents and "standing in the queue?" By creating Slurp, of course. In what's easily one of the most jaw-dropping demonstrations of the year, this here digital eyedropper is a fanciful new concept that could certainly grow some legs if implemented properly in the market place. Designed as a "tangible interface for manipulating abstract digital information as if it were water," Slurp can "extract (slurp up) and inject (squirt out) pointers to digital objects," enabling connected machines and devices to have information transferred from desktop to desktop (or desktop to speakers, etc.) without any wires to bother with. We can't even begin to comprehend the complexity behind the magic, but all you need to become a believer is embedded after the break. It's 41 seconds of pure genius, we assure you.

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