Best Buy Connect wireless service is official, offers contract-free plans

We'll admit that we never took Best Buy as the kind of company to sell its own wireless service, but you know what Best Buy does sell? Laptops with unlocked WWAN modems, and to that end, the retailer's Best Buy Connect offering seems to be a pretty attractive one. Monthly plan pricing is about what you'd expect from anyone else, and you'll be able to choose between two-year, one-year, and contract-free packages for the same price -- the only difference is how much subsidy they'll throw in for you upfront. On a two-year deal, you'll get $275 off the compatible laptop of your choice, which compares favorably against all of its competitors -- AT&T at $150, Verizon at $200, and Sprint at $250 -- while you'll pay $60 for 5GB of data, $40 for 500MB, or $30 for 250MB (only available without a contract). Sure, you might not attract the glitz, glamor, and curious stares that a high-fashion name brand like Verizon might... but seriously, who are we kidding? Data is data, and if this works well, it sounds like a square deal. Hit up the source link for all the details.

[Thanks, Christian]