Oregon Scientific ATC9K HD Action Camera does 1080p underwater (video)

Another action cam joins the 1080p fold. Oregon Scientific, maker of many a fine weather station and the odd helmet cam, has released details on its ATC9K Action Camera. It'll do 1080p video, five megapixel photos, is waterproof to 20 meters, comes with an IR remote, and even has an integrated G meter so that you can see just how big a knock your head took on that last ill-advised endo. GPS is an option too, so you can mark your gnarliest adventures on Google Maps, but there's no mention of price despite the thing set to start shipping here in just a few days. An early unboxing video waits for you after the break, as well as a demo clip that uses extreme angles to make you extremely nauseous. Curiously, all of the demonstrations we've seen have had their audio replaced by awful music, leading us to guess this cam has either a poor microphone or simply has none at all.