Roverpad comes clean with five new tablet PCs, one running Tegra

And here you were thinking this whole "tablet revolution" thing was a myth, huh? Out of seemingly nowhere, Russia's own Rover Computer has just issued not one, not two, but five new tablet PCs for its nine time zones, with one of 'em boasting Windows CE 6.0 and the others running on Google's Android system. Kicking things off is the Air G70, which will boast a 7-inch resistive touchscreen, a 667MHz ARM11 CPU, 256MB of RAM, a 4GB internal flash drive, WiFi, optional 3G and a microSD expansion slot. Next up is the Go G50, Android-powered 5-inch slate that relies on a Marvell PXA303, 128MB of RAM, 2GB of storage as well as 3G, WiFi, a microSD slot and a USB socket. Going even smaller is the aptly-named Air G70, which checks in with a 4-inch display (800 x 480 resolution, though), support for a multitude of file formats and compatibility with navigation software. The Go G72 steps it back up to a 7-inch panel, but also throws in a webcam, Bluetooth, GPS chip and a hint of color around the edges. Finally, the 7-inch TegA W70 will hum along with NVIDIA's Tegra within, and being the flagship that it is, it'll also include HDMI, 4GB of flash storage, 3G, a webcam, 512MB of RAM, a capacitive touchscreen and Android 2.1. Pricing details have yet to be hammered out across the line, but we're told to expect the family on store shelves by October.

Update: We've received credible information that Rover may not actually survive as a company long enough to release these. Word has it that the general manager just bolted, and the vast majority of the marketing team was let go. In their words, the company is "practically bankrupt now," and it's unlikely the firm will find the funds to brand these otherwise vanilla ODM designs as its own.