HTC Desire with North American 3G graces FCC with its presence

Rumors of a June 8 launch of Telus' HTC Triumph -- a rebranded version of the Desire, seemingly -- came and went without a trace, but now, we've got another reason to think that the model's launch might be just around the corner. Basically, an HTC device with model code PB99220 just got FCC approval with = WCDMA on bands I, II, and V, which would make it fit for use on Bell, Telus, Rogers, and AT&T (plus some European support thrown in for good measure). The original Desire was numbered PB99200 (the Nexus One was in the PB991x0 range), and HTC's shtick is to recycle these codes for different variants of a particular model by changing only the second-to-last digit. We don't have any current intel to suggest this is going anywhere but Telus, but hey -- with AT&T opening up its doors to higher-end Android gear with the Captivate, it could happen, right?