Netgear's ReadyNAS Ultra 4 and Ultra 6 stream to TiVo, mobile, and DLNA-certified devices

The "Death of Local Media Storage," eh Netgear? The company is certainly proud of its latest unveiling, the ReadyNAS Ultra series, as the aforementioned press release headline exemplifies. In addition to the usual network storage capabilities, the gang can stream media to any TiVo device, DLNA-certified machine (via Skifta), and mobile devices using Orb technologies. All machines feature 1.66GHz Intel Atom CPUs, 1GB RAM, and RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6 data protection. Need a hefty do-it-all box for storage? The Ultra 4 (2 x 2TB, single-core processor) and Ultra 6 (3 x 2TB, dual-core) will start shipping in mid-July, with pre-orders available in the very near future, for a penny under $900 and $1350, respectively. And if you want the capabilities in a lighter form factor, keep an eye out for an Ultra 2 in October.