Colorware douses iPhone 4 in double rainbow, might just solve your reception issues

Given just how much that white iPhone 4 bumper is about to cost you on eBay, it seems as if a Colorware'd alternative has never been a better bargain. The master of gadget coloration is back once more, this time promising to dress Apple's latest problem child up with just about any combination of hues that you choose. Consumers can splash paint on the frame, back, button, SIM card tray and earbuds, with the minimum price set at $250 for a sent-in device. There's no guarantee that a coat of Colorware will serve to remedy those awfully annoying reception issues, but at least you can pocket a beautiful reminder of just how happy a pair of colorful bands can make the average vacationer. And that, friends, is priceless. %Gallery-97438%

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