South Korea enlists armed sentry robots to patrol DMZ

South Korea has been working on deploying armed sentry robots along the border with North Korea since at least as far back as 2006, and it looks like it's still keeping at it. While complete details are a bit light, they country apparently put a pair of new sentry robots in place in the Demilitarized Zone last month, which pack both a machine gun and a grenade launcher to ward off intruders. Those would of course be controlled by humans, but the robots apparently use heat and motion sensors to do all the monitoring on their own, and simply alert a command center if they spots a trespasser. Of course, they are still just in the testing phase, and the military says it's waiting to see how things work out before it begins a more widespread deployment.

Update: According to Stars and Stripes, the gun-toting robot in question is a Samsung Techwin SGR-1 (now pictured above). If the video after the break is any indication, South Korea certainly seems to have made the right choice.