Ask Engadget HD: What's the best new demo material for my home theater?

We get asked this question all the time, what's the best thing to watch and listen to on a new home theater setup? Our friend Jeremy just got everything set up the way he wants it, and now it's time to pick out some demo material, but we'll let him ask the questions:

"I've finally put all the finishing touches on my dream home theater -- 1080p projector, 100-inch screen, in-wall speakers, theater-style seating the works, which I plan to use to avoid the heat all summer. Only one question left at this point -- what to watch?"

Last year we got plenty of great suggestions, and of course would point out the (since moved) Tier 0 list of titles on AVSForum as a starting place. Still, we're wondering if you've got any new contenders in the demo disc rotation for 2010, or if there's any special movies, games or otherwise yet to come out that may fit the bill -- our first suggestion is above.