Google is the latest to support the FCC's new IP video gateway

The FCC is currently accepting comments about the replacement for CableCARD and amongst the usual suspects of cable companies, consumer electronics manufactures, and industry groups is a comment by one company that stuck out -- don't worry, we're still going to read the rest. Now obviously with the announcement of Google TV, it makes sense that Google has something to say about how 3rd parties should be able to work with cable and satellite TV providers, but there are plenty of others in the space that don't stick their neck out for consumers. Basically Google puts its support behind the new IP video gateway solution (nicknamed AllVid) that TiVo and Sony originally championed, but goes on to say that the goals of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 have not been achieved and that "parties from all corners of the video space agree that the current navigation device marketplace is wholly inadequate" (hey, Google and Apple do still agree on some things). A specific example given is that while searching the entire internet is something Google can do, searching what's on your provider's video-on-demand isn't. There are a number of steps to go before any of this can become reality, but we'll be following this closely in the hopes that one day our set-top box options are half as compelling as modern smart phones.