J.R. Ewing's back to promote solar power, no one under 30 knows why this is so funny

Remember Dallas? It was on after The Dukes of Hazzard? Anyways, series star J.R. Ewing (the hard drinking, hard fighting Texas oilman played by Larry Hagman) is seeing his role reprised as a spokesman for SolarWorld, a German-based manufacturer of Photovoltaic arrays that has manufacturing facilities in California and Oregon. Hagman, it seems, has long been a proponent of green energy. Not only has he installed a 94-kilowatt, $750,000 array on his estate in Ojai, California, but he also serves on the board of the Solar Electric Light Fund, a nonprofit that brings solar systems and Internet access to poor people in remote corners of the globe. "With all that oil gushing away in the gulf," Hagman told The New York Times, "I figured it was time to call for a new direction in where we're getting our energy. Since Sarah Palin is saying, 'Drill, baby, drill,' I'm saying, 'Shine, baby, shine.'" We couldn't agree more. Now, how about reviving Major Nelson to promote space exploration?