Apple plays satirical iPhone Antenna Song at press conference

Here it is -- the Jonathan Mann video that Apple just played (no kidding) to start off their official press conference. No really -- right before Steve Jobs took the stage, he played this song for gathered reporters, and it's fair to say that the video shared in no uncertain terms what he thinks: "The media loves a failure in a string of successes / the fact won't ever matter if they can make their bigger messes ... in terms of daily usage / I've yet to drop a call / so this whole damn thing is stupid."

Seems a little frivolous for a problem that a lot of people are really frustrated by, but, you know, whatever. Jobs said that they saw the video on YouTube this morning, and "wanted to share it." The song also mentions the Gizmodo case: "Gizmodo's just ridiculous / pulling their anti-Apple strings / You bought a stolen prototype / Get over it and move on." Again, pretty informal for kicking off an official press conference. It's weird to think of Jobs browsing YouTube, finding this, and thinking it'd be perfect to play before speaking to the world about the iPhone 4's problems.