Apple's Magic Trackpad gets FCC approval?

We're admittedly using our Jump To Conclusions Mat a little bit here, but we're pretty sure Apple's Magic Trackpad (or whatever they'll end up calling it) just got FCC approval -- and considering how tightly Apple usually manages its FCC dealings, this could mean it'll be announced as early as this week. A device known only by its model number A1339 is the culprit here, described as a "Bluetooth Device" used in conjunction with a MacBook without any associated filings for WiFi or WWAN networks. The ultra-rough label location diagram is definitely the right shape for the accessory, and what's interesting is that the test report was completed way back in October of 2009. Has Apple seriously been sitting on this thing for the better part of a year? Keep a close eye on the Apple Store for this one, folks.

Update: It's been pointed out to us that the previous leak shows a model number of A1339... so yep, there you have it. Thanks, Eric!

Update 2: In case you needed any more evidence, page 45 of the test report specifically identifies the product being tested as a "Bluetooth Trackpad." Thanks, Tobias!