Kindle's digital book sales overtake hardcover, device purchases triple after price drop

While Amazon is being as coy as usual when it comes to an actual number (still keeping to the vague "millions" figure), the company has revealed that sales of its Kindle hardware has tripled since the price took a plunge from $259 to $189. While it's hard to gauge just how many champagne corks are being popped over that statistic, news that downloaded kindle books has overtaken its hardcover brethren is certainly cause for major celebration. According to a press release, 143 Kindle books have been sold for every 100 hardcovers in the past three months, and that ratio is a more impressive 9:2 if you only look at this past month. Before you start asking about the obvious caveats, the data both include sales of hardcovers where no Kindle equivalent exists and exclude free Kindle downloads -- meaning if those weren't considered, the ratio would be even greater. Guess the agency pricing model didn't deter too many customers. Since you're in such a good mood, Amazon, how about a slimmer model to satiate the remaining holdouts?