Samsung's Epic 4G for Sprint looks to score FCC approval

Does this outline of a really awesome phone ring a bell for you? No? Well, let us toss you a hint: it's from Samsung, and it's got WiMAX. That's right -- what you're looking at is a Sammy bearing model number SPH-D700, which we believe to be the phone you know better as the Epic 4G for Sprint. The test report identifies the D700 as a "Cellular/PCS CDMA/EvDO Phone with Bluetooth, WLAN, and WiMAX," so unless Samsung's got another 4G phone for Sprint waiting in the wings, that sounds like pretty damning evidence to us -- especially considering that the ID label document's outline basically matches up with the real device. Interestingly, Sprint has yet to commit to a release date for the Epic, which leads us to wonder whether it was waiting for this to happen... let's hope.

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