FLO TV losing money, Qualcomm looking for an out?

So it seems that founding and operating a broadcast mobile TV business is no mean feat: as mocoNews points out, there is spectrum to be purchased and transmission towers to be networked -- all before you can sell electronics manufacturers on carrying your chipset in their devices. Unfortunately for Qualcomm, it looks like FLO TV has been something less than profitable, a reality that CEO Paul Jacobs owned up to in the company's Q3 conference call. What is there to be done, then? Jacobs been decidedly tight-lipped, only saying that there have been "a lot of interesting discussions" and that it (whatever "it" is) will go down "in the next year." As the AP points out, there are a few possibilities: the business could be sold to a third party, for which Qualcomm would supply the chipsets. Qualcomm could acquire a company that already supplies mobile services (GPS or satellite radio, for instance) that wants to add mobile TV. Or, with spectrum being at such a premium, they could just shut down the network and use the spectrum for something else. It'll be interesting to see what happens, although we're pretty sure what won't happen: we probably won't be buying a Personal Television any time soon.