Share a PowerPoint story, win a custom MacBook Pro

PowerPoint stories are like belly buttons: everybody's got one, but some are more interesting than others. The team at Microsoft's Mac BU wants to hear your exciting, engaging and unique PPT adventures, and they're willing to reward you: the best story might win a major prize.

Unlike the "forward this email, Bill Gates will send you money" chain emails that never seem to die, Microsoft's contest is legit. There are a couple of custom-colored MacBook Pros in the pot, delivered to winners selected from those who participate by commenting on the Mac Mojo blog or responding to questions tweeted by the @officeformac account. The computers will be loaded up with Office 2008, and winners will also receive a copy of Office 2011 when it ships.

Full details and rules are downloadable (as a PDF, interestingly enough -- remember, Apple's TextEdit can also open Word's .doc format) and the Mac BU will be posting updates on Twitter and on the Mac Mojo blog.

Good luck!