$35 tablet from India looks to be worth every paisa (video)

We've seen some janky tablets over the years, and to be honest this latest one out of India hardly looks posh. But, for the price, it could be pretty amazing: $35. That's what India's Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, is saying this device will cost at retail. It's a sort of tablet and, while we don't know full specs, is said to have 2GB of RAM memory, run Linux, be able to connect to the internet over WiFi, open PDFs, and even play YouTube videos, meaning you can watch Shahrukh Khan tribute videos wherever you want. Confusingly, two separate devices were shown and we're not sure which is the final design (if, indeed, either is), but the Indian government plans to subsidize their sale to students such that they'll cost only $20. The goal is to have them selling for as little as $10 in the future. Exciting? Yes, but let's just say we've had our hearts broken by supposed $10 Indian laptops before. Video of the thing in action after the break.

Update: As a few eagle-eyed commenters pointed out, if you look closely at around the 20 second mark of the video you'll spot the familiar Android notification bar at the top of one of these prototypes. Also, it's a little unclear whether that 2GB figure is storage or RAM.