ThinkFlood recalls lot of RedEye Mini IR dongles

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|07.25.10

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ThinkFlood recalls lot of RedEye Mini IR dongles
That didn't take long, in fact just days after we told you that Thinkflood started shipping the RedEye Mini IR dongles that help turn your iOS device into a remote control, and with favorable results, the company's website is now recalling a lot of them. If you bought one that happens to have a serial number that starts with C0101, then you can expect a replacement sent to you out of lot D0102, when they become available (whose headphone jack is held to the board with solder like the prototype pictured, instead of foam). For those who don't want to wait, full refunds will be available. This is obviously not what anyone wants to hear, but the only thing worse than a recall is when a company notices a problem with the manufacturing process and instead just hopes you don't notice.
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