Amimon demos prototype wireless 3D HD transmission system

Amimon -- remember those guys? The company responsible for transmitting 1080p video over a 5GHz band went (nearly) radio silent after making a few announcements at CES this year, but now it's hitting back with a new prototype system designed to support the bandwagon that James Cameron and company are driving forward. The new setup is capable of wirelessly transmitting 3D HD video using WHDI (5GHz), with the demo showing that 1080p 3D video could be beamed with a frame rate of 24fps without any major hiccups. For now, the system consists of a board for transmitting the signals and a board for receiving, with the both of 'em equipped with Amimon's digital baseband chip and RF transceiver. We're told that a shipping product is just a logo away, but we've no clue whether or not the first devices will be kits for outfitting existing televisions or new HDTVs with wireless 3D HD support baked right in.