Keepin' it real fake: Sony Style L80 mini laptop cuts the VAIO P's price down to size

The Sony VAIO P: it's a lovely little, pocket-friendly machine that suffers from one glaring flaw: high price. Leave it to the boffins at Sony Style to come up with a solution for that. No, not Sony's Sony Style retailer, but rather KIRF manufacturer Sony Style, which has crafted this 1.6GHz Atom-powered mini laptop with a 1024 x 600, 8.9-inch screen and a "16GB hard disk" that is either actually an SSD or was manufactured sometime in the late '90s. It offers 1GB of memory (double that for $35 more), WiFi and, according to the specs, "you can carry it to go outside." The price for that kind of convenience? Just $299 -- or $275 if you buy 16 of 'em. Who wants to set up the group buy?