Dell shows off Android 2.1 running on the Streak, still planning to make it to Froyo

Dell's Kevin Andrew answered a few questions about the Streak in a new "vlog" on YouTube, and it's a mixture of encouragement and confusion. On the good side, Kevin showed off Android 2.1 up and running on the phone / tablet / lady-killer. It looks just like 2.1, of course, but with Dell's customizations still riding atop it. Oddly, while showing off 2.1, Kevin reassures us that Dell is still planning to go to Froyo (2.2), which is reiterated by the text below the video, with no clarification if 2.1 will actually be released as an intermediate measure. Either way we don't have a timeline, which is pretty much the same tune we hear with every Android handset. In other news, Dell is planning to launch the cherry red version of the streak "shortly" after the international launch of the graphite model -- which might be as soon as tomorrow (Dell's site still says "late July," but they just wrapped up a 24 hour pre-sale and said to check back tomorrow, possibly just for more pre-sales). Check out the video after the break.

[Thanks, James H.]

Update: Matt at Dell (conveniently tweeting under the pseudonym @mattatdell) has clarified that the Streak is not going to be released this week. That seems odd, since that vague "late July" window ends this week, but hopefully we'll know more soon.

Update 2: Check out our preview over at Engadget Mobile.