HP's 30-inch ZR30w IPS LCD monitor reviewed: exceptional performance, reasonable price

The market for 30-inch monitors is growing, but that's not the same as saying that your options are plentiful. You'll have a far easier time finding high-res 24- and 27-inch screens to toss together, but if you've got your mind set on a single LCD workspace, HP's ZR30w has to be on the short list. Coming in at an altogether respectable $1,299, this panel offers oodles of pixels (2,560 x 1,600) and top-shelf image quality. Critics over at Hot Hardware were thoroughly pleased with the results, keeping in mind that this was designed for the creative professional. They did knock the lack of ports (only a DisplayPort and DVI connector are included), but the lack of inputs was just about all they could kvetch about. Performance was deemed "exceptional," color reproduction was said to be "superb" and it even managed to hold its own while gaming. You may not be a big fan of the plain styling, but those source links are definitely worth a look if you've been teetering on this here fence.