LG aiming to ship 'a couple' of Windows Phone 7 devices by year-end

The company's not committing to any US carriers just yet (ahem), but LG is already puffing up its chest and talking big about its impending Windows Phone 7 release plans. To date, all we've had to go on was Microsoft's vow of seeing WP7 devices on store shelves before this holiday season, but now Ken Hong, an LG representative in Seoul, has offered a wee bit more insight regarding his company in particular. To quote: "We have a deep relationship with Microsoft so expect to have a couple [of Windows Phone 7 handsets] by the end of this year." That aligns rather nicely with what we heard ourselves back in Feburary, and given that LG's mobile division has seen some rather unsightly losses in its most recent quarterly earnings, we're guessing the company's more than eager to push out the next big thing.