LG intros two new 600Hz 3D PDP TVs, as well as streamer boxes

Nipping at the heels of announcements by Panasonic and Samsung, LG has just revealed that its first batch of 600Hz active-shutter 3D Plasmas, the 50" 50PX950 and 60" 60PX950, will soon be available in Korea for the price of $2500 and $4200, respectively. Measuring a svelte 1.2 inches wide, these sets will feature DLNA support, an USB port, and access web content from sources like YouTube and Picasa. Of course for those who can't stomach the agony of needing a physical ethernet or USB cable to access media, the Art Cinema DP1 WiFi multimedia player also announced in tandem by LG should spare you. Likened to a set-top DivX box minus the wires -- though it looks more like a blade in our opinion, the device will stream online content from the usual suspects as well as a laundry list of video files formats stored on your network, even in 1080p. Pricing and release details on this accessory, however, are still anyone's guess, and by the stern look on that model's face, mum's the word. Check out more images of the gear below. %Gallery-98328% %Gallery-98327%