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New Xbox 360 4GB's packaging shows off 250GB HDD upgrade option

It seems like a no-brainer, but at this point Microsoft has yet to confirm a separate 250GB HDD for its new Xbox 360 consoles -- and really, if you're picking up the 4GB model next month, that might come in handy. Newer press shots show a different side of the packaging, however, and if you get a high-res snapshot, you can see that it's touting the various accessories you can buy to enhance your new Xbox 360 4GB experience: wireless controllers, Kinect, and... a 250GB HDD. Now, it could very well be misleading advertising -- such a disc drive already exists, but you have to buy the current slimmed-down model or Halo Reach special edition bundle to get it. Somehow, though, we get the feeling this HDD is destined to be wrapped in separate packaging all by its lonesome -- Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg even insinuated as much not two weeks ago. Only question is, when and for how much?