Obama says presidential BlackBerry ownership is 'no fun,' should've gone with the Sectera Edge

It's hard out there for a prez, you know? Hardly anyone knows better than one Barack Obama, who sat down this morning on ABC's The View in order to talk smack with a few ladies who undoubtedly helped put him in office. If you'll recall, Obama fought hard early on for the privilege of maintaining his prized BlackBerry, and while he eventually won out, we learned today that a grand total of ten individuals are authorized to ping it. Yeah, ten. Needless to say, he described that depressing fact as "no fun," and even the folks that are cleared to make contact with it won't send over anything juicy. Why? They know that messages sent to it "will probably be subject to the presidential records act," so those lucky enough to have the digits are also smart enough to divert their ramblings to Texts From Last Night. But hey, at least hanging in there despite the limitations grants you early access to BlackBerry OS 6, right? Right?