Retail tru2way devices are officially DOA, even Panasonic stops trial

Panasonic tru2way set-back box

The two way cable standard once incorrectly referred to as CableCARD 2.0 is officially dead as far as consumers are concerned. Tru2way was originally touted as a way to integrate 3rd party HDTVs and set-tops boxes with all the services cable providers have to offer, is now just yet another proprietary cable technology. At one point Sony and most of the big TV manufacturers had promised to released TVs that integrated the feature, but only Panasonic was actually selling them in a few select trial markets. We knew something was up when cable providers missed their July '09 deadline to support 3rd party devices across the country, and then when tru2way integrated TVs were missing in action at CES 2010, we had already declared the idea dead. Now even Panasonic is pulling its Panasonic tru2way sets and is instead focusing on a set-back box (pictured above) that will be, wait for it, supplied and supported by the service provider. We were as optimistic as anyone about tru2way, but honestly thought it was far from the ideal solution. It is hard to say what is going to happen at this point, but the next tech to step up and try to free people from big cable's set-top tyranny is AllVid, and sadly it probably has just as much of a chance as any to be successful.