Devon Works Tread 1 belt-driven, bulletproof wristwatch tested, proven to actually tell time (video)

Devon Works Tread 1 wristwatch tested, works like a charm -- a very large charm

The last time we saw the Devon Works Tread 1 wristwatch it existed only in digital form, rendered and swirling about with respect neither mass nor volume. Now it has come to reside in the physical plane, and aBlogtoRead has managed to get one of its belt-driven manifestations to test out. Naturally it's a little less pristine looking than the computer-generated version and, pictured next to a fleshy hand, we can now see just how big the thing is -- its crown actually large enough to wear on your head. For $15k you at least know you're getting your money's worth when it comes to raw materials, but whether you agree that this is a "novel timepiece that will make a satisfying addition to any collector's treasure trove" depends on your sense of taste, depth of pockets, and desire to make your forearms look meek and feeble.