NFL to stream every pre-season game in HD for $40

Don't have the NFL Network but still want to catch every single pre-season NFL game in HD? Well you finally have an option with NFL Preseason Live. It'll cost you $40 for the over 50 live broadcasts, as well as on demand access, but what is particularly cool is access to either team's radio broadcast (we assume it is synced up to the video) as well as enhancements like Big Play Markers -- whatever that is. If you click through you can get a taste of what it's like by watching last year's Super Bowl, looks good up to 3Mbps. Now before you get all excited about the idea that this is a prelude to regular season games coming to the internet, just hold on there. The pre-season games are night and day when compared to regular season when you're talking licensing rights. While the regular season rights are part of some of the biggest TV deals ever, the pre-season rights are usually sold to local affiliates; which always makes it fun to see the quality of the broadcast with considerably smaller budgets.