WowWee's Roboscooper picks up the stuff too big for your Roomba

WowWee's robots may be fun, lovable companions, but they aren't always exactly the most useful things to have around. That's not the case with the company's new Roboscooper, however, which will gladly pick up stuff off your floor until its six AAA batteries run out. Of course, it will only pick up small, one ounce objects, and its storage capacity is a tad limited -- but hey, every little contribution helps. You can even switch from autonomous to remote-controlled mode if you feel like being slightly less lazy, and you can let Roboscooper have a bit of fun by engaging the "whack" mode, which makes him swat objects out of his way instead of picking them up. Ready to bring one home? You can get your pre-order in now for $70 and look for it to ship at the end of the month.