Honey, Daryl Brach shrunk the Cray-1 supercomputer

The original Cray supercomputer, the Cray-1, is an iconic piece of computing history, so big it had a ring of padded seats around which engineers could sit and contemplate esoteric questions of life whilst the machine humming behind them answered the more finite ones. This semi-hexadecagon shape has been brought back to life, scaled down quite a bit, by case modder and woodcrafter Daryl Brach. The original 5.5 ton behemoth is now a desktop-friendly size, and though those seats are now too small for human behinds they're still leather-covered and padded, hiding a pair of DVD-ROM drives connected to not one but two motherboards. We're not sure what other hardware Brach populated the thing with internally, but given that original Cray-1 had 8MB of memory to work with we're guessing this modern version would have no problem computationally wiping the floor with its inspiration.