Samsung Galaxy U and Galaxy K add to the alphabet soup in South Korea

SK Telecom already offers a version of the Galaxy S -- but it's often the case that two or all three of Korea's top wireless players want in on the same hot handsets, so it's no surprise to hear that rivals LG U+ and KT are both working on flavors of their own. Confusingly, they'll be called the Galaxy U and the Galaxy K -- apparently in tribute to their carriers' names -- but they'll both be a touch smaller than the original S, clocking in at 3.7 inches (see the U pictured next to an S above). Word on the street is that they'll both be hitting between August and September, so the wait's a mercifully short one. Ironically, it's the supply of Samsung's 3.7-inch AMOLED displays that forced HTC's hand on moving into SLCD -- so we guess this is where part of that supply's being diverted. Check another picture of the U after the break.

[Thanks, Pete]