RIM reported to have agreed to snooping deal with India, says 'no way!'

Reports out of India this morning claim that RIM has agreed a deal with the local government to permit its security agencies to "monitor" email and messaging done on BlackBerry devices. There's even a roadmap for this snooperiffic rollout, as all consumer email is expected to be opened up within 15 days and tools are being developed over the next six to eight months to allow chat surveillance as well. A very detailed report indeed, but the IDG News service reports RIM has rubbished the entire thing, stating it's in a continuing dialog with the Indian government and discussions remain confidential. Then again, we'd expect RIM to keep up the facade as long as possible, considering the likely domino effect a capitulation in India would have in nearby states that have similar security concerns. In the mean time, Nokia has meekly announced it'll be complying with the Indian government's rules for push mail and is "installing the required infrastructure." For more on that and the BlackBerry saga, hit the source links below.