Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse rumor resurfaces, expected in September for $69.95 (updated)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|08.05.10

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse rumor resurfaces, expected in September for $69.95 (updated)
It was almost exactly a month ago that we reported on swirling rumors of Microsoft pulling together a multitouch-capable mouse to call its own, while earlier this week we saw the company's Twitter feed enlivened with teasers of a mysterious new touch-input device. Coincidence? No chance, says Neowin, whose insider source confirms the Arc Touch Mouse moniker and also adds that launch is expected in September. It's said this peripheral will come with just basic touch functionality initially, with multitouch presumably being thrown in via a later update. Sounds like Microsoft's version of the Magic Trackpad, though the Mouse part of its name suggests it'll also be able to track around your desktop like a more conventional rodent as well. That'd certainly offer more versatility than the stationary Apple option, but we have our doubts about the ergonomics of using a flat mouse over long periods of time. More should be known soon, provided @msfthardware keeps feeling loquacious.

Update: Never mind waiting for MSFT to tell us, the Arc Touch Mouse has appeared in a reseller's price list with an MSRP a few cents south of $70 -- right in line with Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse pricing.

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