TUAW's Daily App: Chuck Gnome

At first glance, I thought Chuck Gnome was kind of gimmicky -- haven't we had enough of doodles and birds and cute little characters? But it is a fun little arcade game (I would say try the lite version before you jump in for the full US$1.99). The game has you slingshotting a gnome at various moving targets; it's kind of like a reverse Skee-ball. The twist comes in when you tilt the iPhone. You can move the field of view in a kind of false 3D vision that allows you to see outside of the normal playing field and hit some shots that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

It's fun! The free version only has one full level and one mini level, but in the main game, you can unlock a few other stages to play with. The game is very casual. You can use a rapid-fire technique to toss as many gnomes as possible, or you can go with a little more accuracy and try to build up a bonus. It's cute and fun, but it's not a hugely complicated title. It's a simple distraction with some excellent production values.

Tomorrow, we'll have to highlight something a little less casual. So, stay tuned for that one.