Cablevision promises TV, VOD streaming to iPads, other networked devices -- but only at home

We suppose the good news is that Cablevision COO Tom Rutledge mentioned the intent is to bring all of its services -- broadcast TV, video on-demand -- to networked devices capable of displaying video, specifically mentioning the iPad, and that it is also working on program guide software for Android and PCs. Unfortunately, unlike the TV Everywhere websites from others like Comcast, or Dish's Sling-powered placeshifting Cablevision only plans to allow access within the residence. According to Light Reading, the comments came during the company's second quarter earnings call, when he also noted that the PC to TV Media Relay for bringing web video to the cable box was still undergoing testing ahead of a fourth quarter launch, while the long awaited network DVR is in its second phase of testing will also begin rolling out later this year. We're not sure if Cablevision's reluctance to extend video beyond our four walls is a technical issue, greed, or if it's simply tired of fighting Hollywood over content rights after the network DVR legal battle, but we're still hoping for a change of plans down the line.